The Ruth McSwain Distinguished Professional Service Award
The purpose of this award is to honor an individual for distinguished professional service as exemplified by its first recipient and namesake, Ruth C. McSwain. It was instituted by the 1986-87 NCSCA Board of Directors to recognize a person who has made a special and noteworthy contribution to North Carolina’s counselors, NCSCA and the counseling profession.

I. Eligibility for Consideration:
a. The nominee may be any individual who has consistently supported and encouraged North Carolina’s school counselors.
b. The nominee must be an individual who has distinguished himself/herself for the quality of service he/she has rendered to the school counseling profession.
c. The nominee must have been a member of NCSCA for a minimum of ten (10) years and served in the role school counselor for at least (5) of these years.
d. The nominee must be a member of NCSCA.

II. Criteria for Recognition:
a. The nominee should demonstrate significant involvement in professional organizations related to the school counseling profession.
b. The nominee should promote the worth and potentialities of school counseling and school counselors.
c. The nominee should serve as an ambassador of school counseling to non-counseling groups such as principals, superintendents, parents, and students, encouraging understanding of and partnership with school counselors.
III. Procedures for Nominations:
a. Nominations may be suggested to Board members by any NCSCA member and solicited through the NCSCA newsletter and web site.
i. All nominations should be submitted in letter form through e-mail to the NCSCA Board of Directors.
ii. A minimum of two (2) supporting letters will be required to complete the nomination packet.
b. A nominations committee composed of the current awards chairperson/committee and previous Ruth McSwain Award Recipients will be appointed by the NCSCA President.
i. The purpose of the nominations committee will be to receive and review all nominations.
ii. The nominations committee will present a slate of nominees to the NCSCA Board of Directors at the September Board meeting.
c. The award recipient will be determined by the NCSCA Board of Directors through a secret ballot. The recipient must receive a majority of the votes cast by the NCSCA Board of Directors members present.
d. The NCSCA Board of Directors reserves the right to decide not to present the award in any given year should such action be deemed appropriate.

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