Advocate of the Year Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding individuals whose advocacy of the profession has had an evident impact on the advancement of school counseling on the local, state or national level as demonstrated by systemic, policy or procedural changes. Nominees may be school counselors, administrators/supervisors of school counselors or school counseling services, legislators, school board members, parents, teachers, or community leaders. Applications should show evidence of the following:

 Advocate on behalf of the professional identity and field of school counseling.
 Show outstanding support and advocacy for expansion of existing and implementation of new school counseling programs.
 Advocate for the ability to meet students’ academic, career, and personal/social needs in order for students to reach their fullest academic potential.
 Advocate for and promote comprehensive school counseling programs that are inclusive of diverse student, staff, and parent populations.
 Address systemic barriers that directly impact marginalized student populations’ ability to have equal access to school services/programs.
 Advocate for students to receive appropriate community resource referrals in an effort to better assist them in being more effective and successful during the school day.
 The activities or accomplishments referenced in the application must have taken place within the last five years.

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