Counseling Director/Coordinator/Administrator of the Year Award
The purpose of the counseling director/coordinator/administrator award is to provide an avenue to recognize those individuals who work in a supervisory role and support the counseling profession by their leadership and advocacy for the counselors in their school or district. These individuals should show evidence of leadership and service, which has had a positive impact on improving the counseling field, and the services offered by those they supervise. Applications should include the following:

 The nominee must be currently employed as a counseling director/coordinator/administrator and have served in that capacity for at least five years at their present position or a combination of positions.
 The nominee should be a NCSCA member. Membership will be verified.
 The nominee should have primary responsibility for working with counselors and other student support personnel.
 The nominee must demonstrate evidence of training programs and in-services provided to keep counselors abreast of current trends in counseling such as the ASCA National Model.
 The nominee must show the implementation of innovative counseling programs and where applicable provide support for pursuing ASCA RAMP status.
 The nominee must recognize the importance of school counselors within the schools and support attendance at workshops and conferences.
 The nominee must demonstrate evidence of implementing a comprehensive school counseling program and the ASCA National Model in the schools that they supervise.
 The activities or accomplishments referenced in the application must have taken place within the last five years.

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